Standard System

  • Standard System with planetary gearhead SP+, Standard Class RSP pinion and Value Class rack

  • Standard system with right-angle gearhead SPK+, Standard Class RSP pinion and value class rackitzel und Value Class Zahnstange

  • Standard System with worm gearhead VS+, Standard Class RSP pinion and Value Class rack

For standard Applications in the mid-range Section

The Standard System meets customer requirements in the field of medium positioning accuracy and is especially applied in linear standard applications.

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  • Areas of application
  • Technical data
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  • Adapted to linear standard applications in the mid-range area with average/normal requirements for positioning accuracy
  • Applications include wood/plastic bond processing centers and automation.

Planetary gearhead SP+,Sstandard Class RSP pinion, Value Class rack:

Gearhead max. feed force [N]max. speed [m/min] 
SP+210 19,000278

The system is also available with bevel gearheads SK+/SPK+, SPC+ and the worm gearhead V-drive.