axenia value – Stainless Steel Actuator

  • Axenia Value – stainless steel actuator

Rotary Servo Actuator in "Hygienic Design"

The compact axenia value servo actuator was specially developed to improve process, machine reliability and availability. Made from highly resistant stainless steel for long-term resistance to corrosive substances like cleaning agents and disinfectants. The axenia also features a highly precise and dynamic connection between motor and gearhead, for more function in a smaller space.

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You can choose from:

  • Permanent magnet holding brake
  • EnDat 2.1 or Hiperface absolute encoder
  • TTL incremental encoder with Hall effect signal
  • DRIVECLiQ, EnDat 2.2, Hiperface DSL (on request)
  • KTY and PTC temperature sensors
  • Intermediate circuit voltage 320 or 560 V DC
  • Cable gland with 1-meter cable or customization

simco® drive servo regulator

axenia Value:

  • 3 sizes
  • Max. output speed of 48 to 375 RPMs 
  • Max. output torque of 21 to 200 Nm 
  • Max. Motor capacity of 0.8 to 4.9 kW 
  • Installation length of 282 to 374 mm
  • Easy cleaning and hygienic design
  • High process reliability for processing
  • Enables smaller machines
  • No costly casings
  • Fewer wearing parts in the machine
  • Lower drive failure rates
  • Low maintenance and upkeep costs

Highly compact stainless steel servo actuator consisting of a precision planetary gearhead and permanent-magnet-excited synchronous servo motor with resolver