RPK+ Hypoid Gearbox

  • RPK+ right-angle gearbox with output flange

  • RPK+ right-angle gearbox with pinion

  • High Performance Linear System with right-angle gearbox RPK+, High Performance pinion and innovative rack

Servo right-angle Gearbox

Low-backlash hypoid gearbox with output flange. The RPK+ features extremely high torsional rigidity, compactness and power density. Thanks to their easy installation and ability to absorb high axial and radial forces, these gearboxes are ideal for rack and pinion applications.

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Power density++++

Positioning accuracy
(e.g. clamped drives)

Highly dynamic applications+++
Torsional rigidity++++
Space-saving design++++
Ease of assembly++++



Ratioi66 - 5500

Max. torsional backlash

jt [arcmin]Standard ≤ 1,3
Max. acceleration torque
(max. 1000 cycles per hour)
T2B [Nm]950 - 10000
Max. input speedn1Max [rpm]6000
Max. tilting momentM2KMax [Nm]3600 - 34000



Output type 
Output flange
Closed cover, rear side
system output with pinion
input type 
Motor mounted version
Food grade lubrication a) b)

a) Power reduction: Technical data available upon request
b) Please contact WITTENSTEIN alpha