XPK+ hypoid gearbox

  • XPK+ hypoid gearbox with smooth shaft

  • Premium Linear System with XPK+ hypoid gearbox with slotted holes and innovative rack INIRA®
  • XPK+ hypoid gearbox with pinion and slotted holes
  • Motor mounting alpha Advanced Line / alpha Premium Line Right-angle gearboxes

Power and precision in a compact design

The Premium planetary gearbox are now available in a right-angle version XPK+ with hypoid gearing. The axis offset of hypoid gearboxes allows both higher ratios in one section (ratio i = 3 – 10) as well as higher torques compared to bevel gearboxes.The high torque density allows for an extremely compact, space-saving design. The mesh frequency and high torsional rigidity of the gearbox are also extremely impressive since they ensure a higher degree of positioning accuracy and extremely smooth operation.

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Power density++++
Positioning accuracy
(e.g. clamped drives)
Highly dynamic applications+++
Torsional rigidity++++
Space-saving design++++
Easy assembly++++


Ratioi12 - 1000
Number of sizes 4

Max. torsional backlash

jt [arcmin]Standard ≤ 4 /
Reduced ≤ 2
Torsional rigidityCt21 [Nm/armin]11 - 226
Max. torqueT [Nm]80 - 2520
Max. input speedn1Max [rpm]7500
Max. tilting momentM2KMax [Nm]3256


Output type 
Smooth shaft
Shaft with key
Splined shaft (DIN 5480)
Blind hollow shaft
System output
Input type 
Motor-mounted version
Food-grade lubrication a) b)
Shrink disc




a) Power reduction: Technical data available upon request

b) Please contact WITTENSTEIN alpha