INIRA® clamping

INIRA® clamping – faster and more ergonomic.

Previously, enormous effort was required to clamp racks to the machine bed using screw clamps. INIRA® clamping integrates the clamping device in the rack. The rack incorporates an assembly sleeve which is guided over the head of the fastening screw to ensure quick and ergonomic clamping.

Very short assembly times
Assembly time reduced by up to 50%, depending on the application.

Optimized assembly ergonomics
The greatly simplified assembly, minimizes the physical strain on the team.

Extreme ease of assembly
Engineers no longer have to focus on an assembly friendly clamping of the rack. This opens completely new design possibilities.

INIRA® clamping procedure


Position the rack on the mounting base.


Insert hexagon socket screws and screw in.


Fit assembly sleeves.


Clamp the rack by tightening the assembly sleeves.  The screws are tightened to full torque. When done the eccentric sleeves are loosened, removed and reused.

INIRA® adjusting

INIRA® adjusting – safer and more precise.

After INIRA® clamping, use INIRA® adjusting the transition between two rack segments with accuracy to the micrometer.

Maximum assembly precision
Precise aligned transitions ensure highest positioning accuracy of the linear drive system along the hole movement path.

Shortest adjusting times
Significant reduction of assembly and control effort at rack transition.

INIRA® pinning

INIRA® pinning – faster and more efficient.

Traditional pinning methods are immensely time-consuming. Precision bores have to be drilled and then the chips have to be carefully removed from the component. INIRA® eliminates the chips, reducing assembly times while increasing safety considerably.

97.78 % time savings
Simple pinning of the rack in one minute instead of 45 minutes in previous cases.

No drilling, no reaming, no chips!
INIRA® pinning is safer, faster and more efficient because there are no chips to clean up after assembly.

Exceptionally easy assembly
Assembly work significantly reduced. Easy to handle in any mounting position.

INIRA® pinning procedure


Insert the mounting pin in the fully assembled rack.


Drive the mounting pin into the pre-manufactured pin bore in the adjacent component.


Turn the assembly sleeve and the assembly pin in opposite directions until the sleeve engages in the pin bore, and then push in by hand up to the second marking.


Drive the mounting sleeve in flush using a hammer.

We’ve redefined an established, decades-old method to produce a better result with less effort.

WITTENSTEIN alpha Linear System

Use the INIRA® assembly concept in combination with our extensive portfolio of high-performance and precise linear systems. Learn more about these systems below.

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