Bevel Gears

  • Bevel gear, bevel gear pinion, crown gear
  • Bevel gear, Bevel gear pinion, crown gear

Precision around the corner

Bevel gears by WITTENSTEIN alpha are all about maximum precision, load-bearing capacity and smooth running.

We develop and manufacture spiral and hypoid bevel gears in milled or ground designs – in the closed-loop of our high-precision production system.

In addition to this, we have accrued years of expertise in the areas of bevel gear design, optimization and testing. For special applications, we supply DIN Q1 in series production.

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WITTENSTEIN - North America - 1249 Humbracht Circle

WITTENSTEIN - North America

1249 Humbracht Circle

Bartlett, IL 60103

  • Technical data
  • Development for peak capacities
  • Gearing type: Gleason circular arc (other processes on request)
  • Module: 0.8 – 8 
  • Diameter: outer diameter of up to 275 mm
  • Quality: up to DIN 1 in series



High-torque gearingHigh-speed gearingLow-noise gearing

For very high torque.


Motor racing, high-speed tools

For rotational speeds of up to 100,000 rpm.


Automotive/industrial engineering

For reduced operating noise.


Automotive engineering, robotics, machine axes