alpha Linear Systems

Our rack-and-pinion systems are the perfect synthesis of advanced technology and profound experience. Our specialist know-how is not simply restricted to connecting gearboxes, motors, pinions and racks; we also provide impressive system solutions. To meet your specific requirements for linear drives when it comes to smooth running, positioning accuracy and feed forces, we give you a solution that is optimally tailored to your needs.

Profit from outstanding performance all along the line:

  • Maximum precision
  • Maximum dynamics
  • Optimal stiffness 
  • Maximum service life 

Adapted to the most diverse requirements
The new Premium Linear System for applications with high to very high smooth running, positioning accuracy and feed force requirements replaces WITTENSTEIN alpha’s existing Performance and High Performance Linear Systems.

Appropriately scaled Value Linear Systems and Advanced Linear Systems are offered alongside our Premium Linear Systems for other feed force, positioning accuracy and smooth running requirements.

All of these systems are also available as optimized “preferred linear systems” comprised of ideal combinations of a gearbox, pinion, rack and lubrication system.