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Size and design your entire drive train (application + transformation + gearbox + motor) faster, easier and more reliably than ever before. Download our free sizing program, cymex® 5.

  • Customize motion and load profiles
  • Use Master-Slave function to adjust stiffness and backlash
  • Size a complete project in a fraction of the time
  • Generate drawings and CADS on request


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  • cymex® 5 sets a new benchmark
  • Premium functions
  • cymex® 5 training
  • System Requirements
  • cymex® 5 can define any number of axes at once: Time saving up to 60% when calculating variants

  • cymex® 5 has an intuitive Profiler: Customized position of windows and toolbars

  • cymex® 5 enables precise simulations of motions and loads: Beside the existing applications the software now also contains shifted crank, conveyor, center winder and feed roll.

  • cymex® 5 is international: The software is available in 11 different languages

  • cymex® 5 has a huge database: Over 14.000 motors and more than 8000 gearbox variations




cymex® 5 has a fundamentally new master-slave function

The master-slave function lets you map two electrically preloaded drives. By tensioning each other, the master and slave eliminate backlash from the drive train and increase the machine’s stiffness. Significantly higher dynamics are achieved as a result.


cymex® 5 has a unique optimizer
The complete drive train can be optimized based on the motor data. This function provides recommendations for optimizing the selected gearbox during the design phase. You profit from more efficiency and reliability. Downsizing potential is identified to help reduce the cost, and your gearbox is neither oversized nor undersized.





We offer our customers regular cymex® 5 training courses. We would welcome the opportunity to make our application calculation and drive design expertise available to you. If you are interested in either cymex® 5 or product training courses, please contact your responsible sales engineer or send an e-mail to:




cymex® 5 System Requirements

Use this information to ensure you are always working with a cymex® 5 supported and optimized system for hardware, operating system and Microsoft products.

 cymex ® 5
Operating Systems 
Windows 10, 64-bitVersion 22H2 or higher
RAM16 GB or more
ProzessorProcessor CPU @ 2.9 GHz quad-core or more
Freier Festplattenspeicher1 GB or more
Display-Auflösung1600 x 900 or higher
Microsoft Produkte  
Office (Word, Excel)2016 and higher
Softwareplattform.NET Framework 4.7.2 and higher

Apple Macintosh® based machines running Windows are not supported.