• Rack with option INIRA®

  • Rack with standard mounting system

  • INIRA® pinning offers a chipless pinning of racks, which reduces assembly times considerably.
  • Premium Linear System with premo® High Line

The suitable rack for every requirement

Needless to say, finding the appropriate rack is an essential component in realizing your machine concepts. You are guaranteed to find the perfect rack in our portfolio. You can select the ideal rack for your application, depending on your demands in terms of smooth running, positioning accuracy, feed force and ease of installation.

INIRA® – The revolution in rack assembly

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We produce 80% of our core product right here in the USA, and our engineers can assist with design, sizing and technical support.
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WITTENSTEIN - North America - 1249 Humbracht Circle

WITTENSTEIN - North America

1249 Humbracht Circle

Bartlett, IL 60103

  • Preferred Linear Systems
  • Production process

Our preferred linear systems of the Value, Advanced and Premium Line already contain a preselection of components whose parameters have been perfectly adapted to the respective system.




In order to meet your rack requirements, we employ flexibly adapted production processes. It goes without saying that racks for High Performance applications are case-hardened to meet demanding feed force requirements and guarantee maximum system performance throughout the entire service life of the rack.