• High Performance Class rack

  • Premium Class rack

  • Value Class rack

  • INIRA pinning offers a chipless pinning of racks, which reduces assembly times considerably.

The right Rack for all Requirements

The correct rack is an essential component in realizing your machine concepts. WITTENSTEIN alpha offers three classes of rack, Premium Class, Value Class and Smart Class, to find the right solution for your application requirements.

Rack versions for the system:

  • High Performance Class rack - in conjunction with High Performance Linear System
  • Premium Class rack - in conjunction with Precision System
  • Performance Class rack - in conjunction with Performance Linear System
  • Value Class rack - in conjunction with Economy System

INIRA – The revolution in rack assembly is now available

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  • Innovative rack
  • High Performance Class rack
  • Premium Class rack
  • Value Class rack

Innovative rack - in conjunction with High Performance Linear Systems

Advantages at a glance:Assembly steps:
  • Very short assembly times
    The time required for for assembly has been cut by up to 50%, depending on the application.
  • Maximum assembly precision
    Far less effort is necessary to achieve optimal overall precision of the linear drive.
  • Optimized assembly ergonomics
    The assembly process is simple and effortless, reducing the physical strain on the assembly team to a minimum.
  • Extreme ease of assembly
    Machine builders no longer have to focus on an assembly friendly mounting of the rack. This opens completely new design possibility.
  • The rack is positioned on the mounting surface
  • Cylinder head screw are inserted and screwed in
  • Eccentric sleeves are fitted
  • The rack is clamped by tightening the sleeves
  • The screws are tightened to full torque
  • The eccentric sleeves are loosened again, removed and reused

High Performance Class rack - in conjunction with High Performance / Performance Linear System

Areas of application for the High Performance Rack can be found everywhere in situations requiring the mastery of high accelerations or moving large masses. In other words, always where high feed forces must be transferred.

Significantly improved characteristics in:

  • Hardness and strength in the depth hardness and core structure
  • Permissible torsional and bending strain
  • Fatigue strength for oscillating stress
  • Wear resistance
  • Service life

A hole pattern harmonized to highest feed forces:

With the hole pattern, WITTENSTEIN alpha sets a new standard of the High Performance Rack.

The new hole pattern offers the following advantages:

  • Uniformly distributed surface pressure profile
  • Perfect connection between rack and machinery bed
  • High transferable feed forces with optimal screw security

Premium Class rack - in conjunction with Precision System

The solution for highly dynamic and precise high-end applications. For still more precision:

the unique linear and gantry solutions. Contact us today with your application!

Your benefits:

  • Best toothing quality ensures greatest precision, even in single-drive applications
  • Up to a machine accuracy of approx. 30 μm, an indirect measuring system is sufficient in single-drive applications in conjunction with assorted racks

Value Class rack - in conjuction with Economy System

The cost-effective solution for mid-range and economy applications with comparatively low requirements for positioning accuracy and moving force.

Helical teeth ensure the usual smooth running.