Advanced Linear Systems

  • Advanced Linear System with planetary gearbox TP+

  • Advanced Linear System with SPplanetary gearbox 

  • Precision System with right-angle gearbox TPK+, Premium Class+ pinion and Premium Class rack
  • Advanced Linear System with hypoid gearbox SPK+

  • Advanced Linear System with worm gearbox VS+

  • INIRA® – The revolution in rack assembly

Strong performance in the
Advanced Segment

These systems are adapted to applications with medium to high smooth running, positioning accuracy and moving force requirements. They simultaneously ensure compliance with increased statutory requirements regarding machine safety. Different gearbox variants and options, such as HIGH TORQUE or HIGH SPEED, are your guarantee of the perfect system whatever the application. The systems are suitable for use in processing equipment for wood, plastic and composite materials as well as in machining centers or automation solutions.
INIRA® – The revolution in rack assembly is now available


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  • Technical data
  • Range of application
  Advanced Linear System — SP+max. feed force [N]max. speed [m/min]
  ALS 22.240250
  ALS 33.250300
  ALS 66.050281
  ALS 88.000333
  ALS 1212.500400
  Advanced Linear System — TP+ MFmax. feed force [N]max. speed [m/min]
  ALS 11.370325
  ALS 22.500412
  ALS 33.600367
  ALS 1211.800438
  Advanced Linear System — TP+ MAmax. feed force [N]max. speed [m/min]
  ALS 2019.700570
  ALS 44.20045
  ALS 1110.90057
  ALS 214.20068

Feed force and feed speed depending on ratio.

Typical applications for the Advanced Line in machining centers for wood, plastic and composite materials as well as in automation.